Is Sears Dying a Slow Death? | Fox Business

Sears Slow Death

The inevitable might be coming soon, which is unfortunate. Eddie Lambert might be a master of finance, but probably should have brought in people with retail experience and expertise. The iconic retailer is beyond life support.

A big issue with Sears is the in-store experience has not improved. Go into any location and there is a clear disconnect. For instance, Sears welcomes shoppers with greeter pushing home repair, vacations, and other services without any context to the intended purchase. Why would any one purchase any service from a company that may not survive the warranty period?

While the outlook is grim, Sears needs to focus its remaining resources on the customer experience. More efficient checkout lanes. Cleaner stores. Professional and pleasant store associates. Expanding the Shop Your Way points. Also, listen to customers and actually implement change.

Retail is not a desirable market space and its once iconic leader is far from its heyday. There might be time for a turnaround. Maybe not. But, Sears should give itself a chance, rather than simply aiming to starve off its pending death.

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