Fox News tops cable news ratings for 66th straight quarter with Q2 triumph

SOURCE: Fox News

Despite attacks from detractors and competitors, Fox News continues to be the preferred source for news and political content. Even with the obvious conservative slant, Fox News provides more complete and consistent coverage than its competitors. While its opinion shows push political narratives, the majority of the content is true news, not editorials.

Much of the content on networks, like CNN, struggle to balance journalism with editorialized content. Struggle to deal with covering the Trump Administration and avoiding clickbait journalism. For instance, any anti-Trump content is deemed front page worthy.

To compete for viewership, networks must be not only be entertaining, engaging, and educating, but consistent and newsworthy. To its credit, Fox News is more consistent in how it covered people, issues, and events with each passing Administration than its competitors. That may be why its viewers are more loyal than those of its competitors.

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