‘It is a full blown war’: CEO of MoviePass’ owner HMNY on theaters


Moviepass owners might want to hit pause before it overplays its hand. In the presence of competition, customers have to consider whether or not membership is worth the service issues and new surcharge fees.

For instance, I recently attempted to use Moviepass at an AMC Theater and was one of many MoviePass users unable to complete the purchase. A few users decided to give AMC’s version a try. On the other hand, I chose to wait on customer service, miss my movie, and hope it reimburses me for the movie I had to pay out of pocket for.

AMC’s A-List offering may be double the price of MoviePass, but it offers almost the same experience with a company that has a better chance of still existing next year. Factoring in the surcharges MoviePass now charges, the value difference may be a wash.

The MoviePass idea is a great idea which brought people back to the movie theaters. Now with competition and service issues, it should focus less on power trips and more on consistent service and long term viability.

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