What if you can’t raise $90k for a library? In Philly schools, there are haves and have-nots (PHILLY.COM)

crc cpA call out against bad public policy combined with a bit of class warfare. In the article from the link above, the journalist writes about how a Philadelphia community overcame the lack of a publicly funded library. Through fundraising efforts and development of a non-profit, community members secured the needed funds to start a library.  In contrast, the journalist points out the inability for high poverty areas to achieve a similar feat. Also, the public policy failure of local elected officials not securing enough funds from the state to have performing libraries. While there are clear disadvantages in varying economic environments, the narrative overlooks a personal and social responsibility demonstrated by one group that provides a pathway for other groups, regardless of economic prowess.

There is no disagreement that areas with high poverty rates lack social networks with excess income for donations. The lack of proper education funding does places these communities at an economic disadvantage, not of their own choosing, compared to wealthier counterparts. Ideally, all communities would place greater value in maintaining quality education programs than using taxpayer dollars on programs better suited for the private sector. In this case, neither rich nor poor areas were set to receive the needed funding. The people that see it as an obstacle to overcome rather than a point of contention will be the ones that find solutions.

Richer communities do have an advantage in fundraising, being able to bring people seeking tax write-offs together. In spite of this, other communities may need to seek unconventional targets for fundraising campaigns. Many corporations and business will readily donate if advocates have the persistence and people skills to cultivate relationships and make a reasoned case for providing funds for schools. Also, geographic barriers should not restrain fundraising efforts. There are many people and organizations that will help outside their own domains if people can make them aware of the need.

There needs to be a champion willing to advocate for these programs. Our current society has numerous tools to crowdfunding endeavors, which should be utilized to attain needed funds. The task is obviously difficult, but not impossible by any means. Americans need champions not complainers. Advocates not wayward activist. Problem solvers not problem creators. Government may not be able to provide solutions, but that does not mean there is not one available.

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