Facebook’s Timeline: 15 Years In – The Wall Street Journal.

Mark Zuckerberg did not invent social media when he founded Facebook, but he certainly changed its trajectory. During its inception, MySpace was the king of the social media hill. Ever since, Facebook now sits atop the social media world and MySpace is no longer a relevant name in the market.

As Facebook alludes to in their marketing campaigns, the social media brought the world closer together. The ability to maintain connections with friends, acquaintances, or relatives improved. Geographic distance or varying time zones no longer served as barriers to remain up to date with those in one’s inner circle. Facebook allowed people to grow their network and identify the six degrees of separation between them and others they come across. Facebook allowed people to communicate more efficiently with a single message instantly reaching multitudes of people.

Facebook not only changes our individual behaviors, but it also sparked changes in how companies market products and engage with consumer markets. User behaviors provide great insight on how brands can construct product offerings and marketing campaigns. Instead of costly television adds, many brands are able to connect with core members of their target markets with social media campaigns. Facebook also greatly impacts our social conscience and political system, as it is a common place for people to display political views or voice opinions. 

Like anything that becomes globally popular, there will be some downsides brought to light by inappropriate uses of the product or service. Some people with low moral standards utilize the anonymity of social media to harass, stalk, or bully others. Others used social media to circulate purposefully untruthful content to mislead the public. People evolve over time to understand the need for balance with social media, weighing the level of engagement and separation as well as how to evaluate circulated material.

As it celebrates its 15 years in existence, Facebook should be celebrated for its overall positive impact on society. Whether one simply scrolls to kill time, posts messages to friends and family, or peruses for various products or content, Facebook will continue to serve its over 2.2 billion daily users.

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