Juul CEO Exits; Altria, Philip Morris End Merger Talks in Vaping Fallout – The Wall Street Journal

Tobacco companies are going to need to brace for the fallout from government regulations on e-cigarettes and vaping products. Because these products continue to find their way into the hands of teens, governments are taking action to prevent more preventable deaths.

Banning a product that some should be able to purchase seems like an overreaction.Adults that understand and accept the risk should conceivably be allowed to exercise that freedom. There can be a balance approached in affording access to legal purchasers and restricting access to minors.

There is an argument that both government and businesses can work together to improve methods that prevent teens from accessing these products. More should be done to make people understand there are risks associated with smoking, whether traditional tobacco products or e-cigarettes.

Companies selling tobacco products will need to meet the challenge of addressing the dangers of their products. A start could be advocating against chain smoking, which is more dangerous.