The more MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred speaks about the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal, the worse it gets for him and the sport. There is a great level of backlash surrounding the perception of the assigned punishments and poor choice of words Manfred used in his defense.

There are legitimate questions surrounding the approach in assigning punishments. MLB deemed the sign stealing scandal a player driven scandal, yet MLB issued no player punishments. Why? Because MLB wanted to avoid potential conflicts with the players union. Manfred seems to downplay it, but one has to question whether he can stand up to the union when it matters most.

Manfred acknowledges poor choice of words when deeming the Commissioner’s Trophy a piece of metal.That piece of metal the 30 MLB teams play for is important not only for the 750+ players, but fans who buy the tickets and serve as the basis for the ad revenue. Fans do not want to see their favorite teams and stars shortchanged because of fraudulent actions.

The Hall of Fame will once again become the arbiter of justice when this group of players become eligible for consideration. Another era, another scandal kicked down the road.