The Patriots Dynasty officially lost a critical member of their historic run. Tom Brady announced his decision to depart the New England Patriots shortly before agreeing to terms to become the next starting QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

After two decades filled with six championships, nine conference titles and complete domination of the AFC East, the Belichick Brady duo is no more. The trophy train in New England may be coming to an end.

Given the fact that the sports world is on pause, expect the pundits on ESPN and Fox Sports to obsess over every detail of this major move. Many of these pundits called for this exact set of circumstances.

One has to question, and they will, whether this is the best move to pursuit number seven. Interesting to see how well Brady and the Bucs match up against Drew Brees and the Saints twice a year.

The NFC is perceived to have less obstacles, but there a teams poised for the Lombardi trophy as well. Can Brady best Rodgers, Wilson, Wentz, and Prescott? Three of which have rings. One indirectly at the expense of Brady!

Not sure what will be more shocking. The sports world coming to a complete halt or seeing Brady in a uniform other than the Patriots number 12. Interesting to see what Brady has left in the tank after what was a down year for the all-time great.