America moved closer to a greater sense of normalcy this week. Not just the announcements of the local economies opening back up to some degree. But, football is back.

The hope is that fans get to enjoy a full uninterrupted season from beginning this week and ending with the Super Bowl weekend in February. Baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer all experienced shortened seasons.

Nothing unites and entertains society like football. Every Saturday thru Monday, as well as Thursday night bring fans together like no other sport. The passion for football is unmatched.

Some college football fans still must wait to experience games, as their conferences remain hesitant to proceed, while others start their schedules with precautions and protocols in place.

Moving forward with the risks of a resurgence of Covid-19 is not easy, but a must to protecting our way of life. Football and sports are not essential but provide a much needed return to normal as well as a distraction.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi created quite the stir after photos showed her in a salon not yet approved to serve customers without a mask.

Pelosi’s version of the story is her believing the word of the salon, instead of verifying the information herself through her numerous staff members or with state official, who happen to be fellow Democrats.

Although appearing to take responsibility, Pelosi believes she was set up and believe she is owed an apology, which counters taking responsibility. The salon owner countered denying setting up Pelosi, calling out the Speaker’s hypocrisy when average citizens and small business owners face economic harm over such policies.

As Speaker of the House and a seasoned politician, Pelosi is not really entitled to the benefit of the doubt, which she would not afford to a person in the same situation if they were a Republican. Like every other Democrat, blame is always shifted and deflected rather than taking real responsibility for actions taken and decisions made.

Neither a big deal nor impeachable, but another example of the hypocrisy Democrats continue to show whether with Covid or public policy in general. Many call for national masks mandates and criticize people caught not wearing masks, but rarely do they wear mask themselves.

The takeaway should be that our public policy needs to encompass some level of common sense in it, understanding the realities of life and finding reasonable ways to minimize disruptions. Also, everyone should abide by the same rules.


There are understandable strong emotions felt following the tragic and horrific death of George Floyd. There is much left to do in order to forge forward with a more equal and fair society. But, that will not be accomplish by furthering the pain, death, and despair with riots, looting, and other destructive behaviors. The path forward will be done with making changes to ensure everyone has fair and treatment even in their worst moments.

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