New Uber App to Pair Gig Workers With Employers (WSJ)

UBER is adding another useful tool to its portfolio for people operating in the gig economy. First, it allowed people to earn compensation for driving people around on their spare time. Then UBER allowed people to earn income by delivering food. Now, UBER is prepared to help people find temporary work.

UBER Work will connect people seeking temporary employment with employers offering such positions. UBER Work will compete with other tech startups in this space as well as the network of staffing and temp agencies that market these type of roles.

This venture could help add revenue when its core business faces great challenges.


China Is Losing the Trade War With Trump

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal (OPINION)

China Is Losing the Trade War With Trump https://www.wsj.com/articles/china-is-losing-the-trade-war-with-trump-1532729725

Interesting take on trade wars, as standing up to trade manipulators takes resolve and determination. Since the Trump Economic Expansion should buffer much of the potential negatives, it is importance to continue pressing the Chinese to reconsider practices that harm their partners.